Baptismal Garment/Robe – Navy – Zip – 3Xl


  • Navy Blue
  • Size 3XL
  • Repels Water
  • Unisex
  • Zipper in the Front

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The term Baptism means to dip or immerse in water, and symbolizes the covenant between God and people. It is the union of believers to Jesus Christ, death, burial, and resurrection.

This Baptismal Garment is a unisex size 3XL, and it’s made to last with tightly woven Nylon fabric. Easily repels water and includes a zipper in the front. Can be worn by congregants getting baptized and anyone assisting. Keeps the wearer dry and helps minimize water mess. navy blue in color.

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Weight11.8 oz
Dimensions17 × 1.375 × 0.25 in

Navy Blue