Most frequent questions and answers

We will calculate the shipping cost once all items are packed and weighed. The rates tend to change on a daily basis, hence, we will contact you for your credit card information once your order has been processed. This process also allows customers to place orders with terms, by filling out the application form available at https://swansoninc.com/customer-forms/, or by paying via check.

Only pre-approved wholesale and ministry accounts are able to purchase online. If you are already a customer and need a login, please call 800-251-1402 or contact us online or by chat.

If you are located east of Kansas and shipping via UPS Ground, with an order of $2,000 or more 100% free freight is available upon request! There are specific items that disqualify freight discounts and are listed here.

If you are west of Kansas (not including Kansas), and shipping via UPS Ground, with an order of $5,000 or more, 100% free freight is available upon request. The disqualifying items are listed here.

For specific freight discount structure guidelines please click here.

We use several companies for shipping.

    1. Our system defaults to UPS Ground.
    2. However, we can go with any shipping company you choose. We can ship using UPS, FedEx, USPS, or by truck freight. If the order is large enough that you need a lift gate, please let us know.
    3. If you have your own account with UPS or FedEx, we can set up your customer account to automatically charge shipping costs to it.

You are welcome to register online by visiting the Online Registration Form.

You are also welcome to call us at 800-251-1402 for a sales representative to create your account and answer any questions.

Please contact your local Christian Bookstore, or if you do not currently have one in your area, you may also purchase at https://swanson-direct.com/

Our minimum order value is $100 net of discounts.

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Returns FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

To request a refund, we must receive notice of defect or damage, or incorrectly shipped items within 30 days of receipt of the product.

For a refund, provide the following information:

    1. Invoice number
    2. Description of the damage/defect/missing items
    3. Your contact information and account number (if applicable)
    4. Photos of the damaged items and their packing materials sent to customerservice@swansoninc.com

If a product was damaged by shipping, we need photos of the damaged product and the box it came in before a credit can be issued. Please send photos to customersevice@swansoninc.com

Once photos of the damaged/defective products have been received, a credit can be issued. In the event of a returned item, you may receive a credit/refund, if the item is in resale condition.

We do have a restocking fee that may be applied unless you choose to pay shipping to return the item.

In certain cases, we will supply a return label as needed.

If the item is returned in resale condition, you may receive a credit/refund. You may be charged a restocking fee unless you choose to pay shipping to return the item.

Please call during office hours (8am – 4:30pm Central Time) so we can verify with customer service if the item can be returned. Additionally, you could fill out the form online here.

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