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3 Practical Tips for Sharing the Gospel: Spreading Love and Kindness!

Hey there! Today, we’re embarking on a special journey – the journey of sharing the gospel! Just like sharing your favorite stories, sharing the gospel is about spreading a transformative message of love and salvation. Let’s explore three amazing tips that will help you share the gospel with the world as you fulfill the great commission given by scripture.

Tip 1: Share the Gospel through Love in Action and Words:

Imagine you’re sharing a secret smile with your best friend. Sharing the gospel is a bit like that – a secret that brings immense joy to the heart. As the wise apostle John once said, “Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” This means showing the love of Jesus through your actions and using words when they matter most. By letting your actions reflect the transformative power of the gospel and by sharing its message with kindness and compassion, you create authentic connections that resonate with people’s hearts. This approach beautifully complements the mission of sharing Jesus with others and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tip 2: Keep Gospel Tracts Ready for Outreach:

“Imagine you had the key to unlocking a chest of treasure worth more than anything anyone had ever seen this key is the Gospel and can be shared in the form of a simple gospel tract.” By keeping these tracts at your fingertips, you’re always prepared to embark on spontaneous conversations about faith. Whether you’re sipping coffee at a café, waiting in line for a ride, or strolling through the park, having gospel tracts ready allows you to effortlessly share the transformative message. This simple yet impactful practice opens the door for conversation that can lead to a life saved.

Tip 3: Cultivate a Deep Relationship with Jesus, Pray for His Compassion, and Follow the Holy Spirit’s Guidance:

Just like spending time with your best friend makes your heart sing, nurturing a deep relationship with Jesus brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose because it is in fact the reason we were created. When you fall in love with Jesus, you open your heart to His compassion and grace. Through heartfelt prayers, you invite His love to flow through you, empowering your interactions. The Holy Spirit becomes your trusted guide, leading you in conversations and actions that reflect the mission of sharing Jesus with others. By aligning yourself with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, you embody the essence of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In summary, sharing the gospel is a profound calling that ignites the heart with love and purpose. By integrating love into your actions and words, keeping gospel tracts ready for outreach, and cultivating a deep connection with Jesus while following the Holy Spirit’s guidance, you become an instrument of transformation. You fulfill the mission of sharing Jesus with others and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, illuminating the world with the radiant light of God’s love.

Are you ready to be a beacon of love and kindness? Start by sharing a smile, a kind word, or a gospel tract with someone you meet today. Let’s spread the joy of the gospel together!


  • What is the gospel?

The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross that saved humanity from the path that we were on toward death because of sin. The gospel is Jesus Christ because He fulfilled everything we were not able to do on our own so that we could be in communion with God: Father. Son, and Holy Spirit. The Gospel is the best news ever, and it is worth sharing every chance we have.

  • Why is being friendly important?

Being friendly helps people feel comfortable and happy, making it easier to share the gospel’s wonderful message. Being friendly is an expression of God’s love which is what we have been called to be.

  • How do stories help in sharing the gospel?

Stories show real-life examples of how the gospel brings life and goodness into people’s lives, making it easier to understand how God works in our lives. Revelation 12:11 ESV “And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.”

  • Why is listening important when sharing the gospel?

Listening shows that we care about others’ thoughts and feelings, creating a stronger connection and making the gospel’s message more meaningful.

  • Can I share the gospel in my own way?

Absolutely! You can share the gospel in a way that feels natural and true to you. Being yourself is the best way to spread its beautiful message. Holy Spirit will give you the words to say when you are open to hearing His whisper! Be courageous!

We’ve learned some practical ways to share the gospel and be the hands and feet of Jesus. What an honor it is that Christ has entrusted us with the mission to be ambassadors for Christ on earth for the people around us before Jesus returns!

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