Pocket Card Sign Of The Fish Pk100


  • Sign of the fish pocket cards
  • Pack of 100
  • How to Make heaven your home
  • Salvation Cards
  • Prayer of Salvation on the back
  • What the sign of the Christian fish means

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The Sign of the Christian fish may present the perfect opportunity to share your faith. These pocket cards and small and can be kept in your pocket as you go about your day to see who the Lord leads you to share the truth of the Gospel with! The fish is a sign that Christians have used to identify themselves to one another throughout history. They sketched the sign of the fish in the sand to identify one another as Christ followers. It has been said that the Greek initials of the phrase “Jesus Christ, God’s son, Savior” Spells the Greek word fish! Includes a prayer of salvation and how to make heaven your home with John 3:16, Romans 10:9, and Romans 6:6 on the back!

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