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Book – Every Generation’s Story


  • Quality Paperback Book
  • Written by Dr. Susan Michael
  • 166 Page Book

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This book follows the unique experiences of many Christians representing 5 different generations of missionaries to Israel, lasting over 75 years.
Explore the stories of these Christians as they engage and interact with the land and people in Israel, and the impact it left on their lives.
These encouraging stories will make you fall in love with the land of Israel and the Jewish people, inspiring even more missionaries and generations of supporters.

In this book you will find personal stories from the Silent Generation 1928-1945, Baby Boomers 1946-1964, Generation X 1965-1980, Millenials 1981-1996, and Generation Z 1997-2012. Plus free resources, and opportunities to visit Israel yourself, as well as make a donation for other people from every generation that want to go and experience it themsleves.

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