Swanson Blog Post 03/04/2021

What a difference a week can make – just a few weeks ago we had 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and we were closed.  Now here we are reaching close to 65 degrees today.  Isn’t it amazing how fast things can change?  So as our industry continues to change as a result of so many various issues – what are you doing to keep your store open and profitable?   Many stores have added (or revised) their online presence, while others are now offering new services such as delivery or curbside.

At Swanson’s we have stepped back and taken a look at our current product lines, and determining what new things can we bring in that will help your store have greater sales and more profit.  What can we provide to you that will help you provide more ministry opportunities to your customers?  While we have some exciting coming down the road – we would like to hear from you.

What items are customers asking you for, that you need a supplier for?   What items are your churches needing that you don’t have?  As a wholesale distributor and manufacturer – Swanson’s has the ability to look at these ideas and potentially create them to take care of the needs of your customers.  But we need your help to know what those items are.

Please share these ideas with us by email sales@swansoninc.com  We can’t wait to hear from you.  Blessings and have a great weekend !