Swanson Blog – 03/25/2021

With Easter just a little over a week away, it very easy for all of us to get caught up in the excitement of increasing traffic in our stores and as a result – increased sales.  Today, we would encourage you to take a moment to concentrate on all of the blessings that God has provided to you, your staff and your store during this last year.

The impact of COVID his impacted some harder than others, but regardless- somehow everybody has been impacted by this pandemic that hit our world a year ago. God’s blessings and provisions during this time may be as simple as keeping you from getting Covid yourself.  Or, perhaps if you did – it wasn’t as serious as it could be.  Maybe your family has been spared.  Think about your business.  Many retailers suffered intense declines in sales, yet were able to keep their doors open during this past year.  What have been your blessings this past year?

Obviously, we also know that many people suffered tremendous loss of loved ones, income and more as many businesses were forced to close.  But even in the midst of these troubling times, we encourage you to look back and find God’s blessing that prevailed through it all.  It’s there – you may have to look a little harder than others, but it’s there – what was it?

We celebrate Easter – a time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  However, this exciting and wonderful resurrection occured after a tremendous time of turmoil and striff.  One of the darkest hours in Christ’s life, ended up being a time of great celebration in the end.  In our own human way, we need to look at the past year and find that glemour of hope, the light, the one thing that you can point to and say, “That was a God moment”.  Praise Him for that moment and focus on that time of blessing as we serve others in the coming week leading up to Easter.

For some of your customers, you may be that ray of sunshine or that “moment of hope” for them.  We never know what our customers might be going through at any point in time.  It may mean pulling them aside and praying for them.  It may simply be a smile.  You may be exactly what God is providing for them at this specific time in your customer’s life.  Don’t lose sight of that opportunity.  That blessing will go both ways – to your customer and to yourself.