Pre-filled communion cups with silver seal and ONE BODY written on it
Close up of Pre-filled communion cups with silver seal and ONE BODY written on it
Pre-filled Communion cup with a white circle on top
an open pre-filled communion cup
a brown box with circle and cross symbols and ONE BODY words
a brown box with a bunch of pre-filled communion cups
a brown box of pre-filled communion cups with words ONE BODY written on it

Communion Cups One Body Pre-Filled 1000Pk


  • All-in-one Communion Cups
  • Fits Standard Communion Trays
  • Minimize Mess
  • Simple Cleanup
  • Germ-Free and Safe
  • Durable Clear Plastic
  • Secure and Airtight Seals
  • 1 Inch Tall Cups
  • Pack of 1000

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Introducing One Body All-in-One Communion Cups – the perfect solution for churches looking to streamline their communion process. These cups offer a three-step process that makes it easy and convenient for every congregation member to participate in communion.
The first step involves peeling back the clear top seal to access the unleavened bread wafer, which represents Jesus’ body. Next, the second foil seal peeled back to reveal the grape juice, which represents the blood of Jesus. Then, when the bread and juice have been consumed, the cup is simple and easy to dispose of, making these communion cups mess-free and easy to use. Not only convenient, but it also eliminates the need for additional plates or cups, reducing setup time and simplifying cleanup. This makes these cups a great germ-free and safe option for your church.
These Communion Cups are not just practical but also emphasize the unity and interconnectedness of the church and its members. By sharing the same communion, everyone is reminded of their common faith and connection to each other, creating a sense of community and togetherness.
Some of our favorite scripture references about communion are: 1 Corinthians 10:16-17, 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, and Ephesians 4:4-6
The cups are made from high-quality plastic that is both durable and easy to handle. The wavy-edged design of the cups gives them structure and stability, minimizing the risk of breakage or being crushed, and the secure seal of each cup ensures that the wafer and juice stay fresh for as long as possible. Each measuring 1 inch tall, all communion cups have a 12-month shelf life, provided the seal has not been punctured or broken.
They come in packs of 1000, making them perfect for congregations of all sizes; whether in church services, ministry, outreach events, home groups, or other events, these communion cups are a simple and meaningful way to take communion and strengthen the connections in the one body of Christ.

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