Anointing Oil – Spikenard Magdalena


  • Made in Israel
  • 1/3oz Roller Bottle
  • Clear Glass Bottle
  • Symbolizes Love, Devotion, and Healing

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This anointing oil is a truly unique and special product that has been produced according to the exact ingredients used in the 1st century B.C. The formula consists of myrrh, nard, cinnamon, iris, Sumbul oil, and perfume oil, and is known as spikenard Magdalena.

This oil mixture is known for its beautiful and exotic scent, which is a combination of sweet and spicy notes with a warm and earthy base.
Spikenard Magdalena is referenced in the Bible as a sacred and significant oil that was used for anointing and healing purposes. It was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint Jesus’ feet, as well as by other figures in the Old and New Testaments. Its spiritual significance symbolizes love, devotion, and healing, making it a powerful tool for prayer.

Spikenard Magdalena anointing oil comes in a clear glass bottle with a roller ball for easy application. The 1/3 oz size makes it easy to carry with you and use whenever you need it.

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Weight2.4 oz
Dimensions3.75 × 3.5 × 1.25 in

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