Anointing oil with cassia in an oil of joy roll-on bottle
Anointing oil with cassia in an oil of joy roll-on bottle

Anointing Oil – Cassia – 1/3 Oz Roll-On


  • Sweet and Calming Scent
  • Represents Dedication and Devotion
  • 1/3 oz. Glass Bottle
  • Smooth Plastic Roller

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Cassia is a Spice-based Anointing Oil, and it was used to anoint priests and kings, and their garments.
Cassia has a sweet fragrance and a calming effect. It Represents dedication and devotion, and being stripped of pride and set apart. (Psalm 45:7-4, Exodus 30:22-25)
Anointing Oils are seen all throughout the Bible, and mentioned frequently in the book of Exodus, but some our favorite verses are Exodus 30:22-31, Mark 6:13, Mark 14:3, and James 5:14-15.

Our Oils are made by hand, mixing the fragrance with olive oil to create the quality scents you know and love. We then bottle and label each oil and get them ready to ship. Each bottle of oil has a smooth plastic roller top that glides as it disperses the oil, and the bottles are made glass, carefully packaged so they won’t break during shipping.
Make use of this 1/3 oz. bottle of Cassia during Prayer, Church Services, Ceremonies, or in your own Home.

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